Open 7 Days A Week 9:30 - 5 pm! During our Spring shoulder season certain rides, attractions and food areas may be closed. Spring weekends and early summer weeks are great times to visit Story Land; smaller crowds, shorter ride lines and moderate temps...enjoy!

Lockers & Rentals

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Lockers available at Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard (near Humpty Dumpty’s wall) and at the Splash Battle Ride.


We are very happy to offer premium stroller rentals for the comfort of the little ones!

Single Stroller: $7.00 per day
Double Stroller: $9.00 per day

Wheelchairs & ECVs

We rent the following items for those needing assistance with mobility:

Manual Wheelchairs: $5.00 per day
Electric Convenience Vehicle (ECV): $35.00 per day
Please note: We have a limited number of Wheelchairs & ECVs available

Pet Kennels

Available for use FREE of charge on a first come, first served basis. Reservations are not available for Pet Kennels. They may be found next to the train depot in the north end of our main parking lot. We have 26 kennels (16 square feet with roofs) with individual pad locks to ensure the safety of your pet. Water bowls are available for use but we recommend bringing the items your pet needs to be comfortable. To check-in your pet you will visit Yum Yum Junction (simply ring the doorbell) where you will be given your code and Kennel number. Please remember our kennels are self-service, owners are responsible for the wellbeing of their pets.

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