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Pre-visit and planning tips

Find the best ticket option for you

You may be wondering what tickets you should get to have the best possible experience for yourself and your family. Read further to discover the different kinds of tickets Story Land has to offer! A tip for you: you can save some money if you buy them online ahead of time. If you forgot to buy them online and want to purchase them at the park, please be aware that you cannot pay in cash.

Daily tickets

There are many daily tickets for you to choose from depending on how much time you have and when you want to visit Story Land. The most-purchased is the Dated Ticket, which has all-day park access and allows you to visit more than 35 attractions in one day. What if you are not sure when you want to visit the park, but you know that you will definitely visit this summer? Then, you can buy the Any-Day Ticket! You will have guaranteed park admission as long as you use it before the end of the season. It’s perfect for those who need a little bit more flexibility. Additionally, if you are over 65 or a veteran, you will get a discount on admission.

Oh, and here's something awesome: regardless of which ticket you select, all paid day admissions are eligible to enter during the final 3 hours of the day and receive a free return ticket for a full day of fun! So, you can make the most out of your visit and come back for more excitement later!

You can choose any of these two options and add some extra fun by buying the Living Shore Aquarium Ticket, which will give you access to the aquarium next door.

Season passes

Do you want to visit Story Land more than once? Then, you can get a Season Pass! You can get unlimited access for the entire season and even to the aquarium! You will also enjoy discounts on food purchases and merch. You can even bring a friend along and buy them a discounted ticket thanks to your Season Pass (restrictions apply).

Check weather reports

You can experience all kinds of weather in New Hampshire: from sunny days to light rains on the same day. But don’t worry! Rain or wind is not a big problem if you are having fun, and the park still opens if it rains. Check the weather report before arriving and pack a light jacket and long pants, just in case. Also, don’t forget to pack your sunscreen! The weather tends to be a bit cooler in the mornings, but it gets warmer after noon.


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Pick Your Must-See Attractions

It’s impossible to choose only one Story Land ride. If you want to make the best use of your time and visit every attraction the park has to offer, we recommend you make a list of the attractions that you don’t want to miss and save some time once you arrive at the park. You can go straight to the Roar-O-Saurus coaster, the Polar Coaster, and the Bamboo Chutes as soon as you arrive, for example. These are attractions that you don’t want to miss. You can read about all the attractions on our website before you arrive and prioritize the list that you want to enjoy first. To find out more about each attraction, you can click here.


Getting to Story Land in New Hampshire 

How to arrive

To arrive at Story Land by car, you can drive to the White Mountains on Route 16, six miles north of North Conway. Once you reach Glen, you won’t miss the park! We would still recommend you punch the address into Google Maps: 850 NH Route 16, Glen, NH 03838. You can check the directions here.

The town is quite small, and it’s quite easy to make it here. We have people coming from cities all around the East Coast! Besides, you can enjoy the beautiful New Hampshire landscape while you drive.

Arrive as early as possible

Arriving early definitely has its benefits. Apart from avoiding crowds, you’ll have more time to enjoy each of the attractions Story Land has to offer. The park is open from 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m., so being here when the gates open will give you more hours of fun! 


Visiting Story Land

Pick up a park map

It’s important for you to pick up a park map at the gates to make it easier to discover everything without getting lost. You don’t want to miss out on any attractions! You can also see on the map where the restaurants, restrooms, and shops are located. 

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Find the best attractions for all ages

Story Land welcomes people of all ages, but some attractions at the park are restricted by height. You need to know beforehand which attractions are best for your kids.

Our picks for toddlers

The best and most popular attractions for toddlers are Alice’s Tea Cups, the Flying Dutch Shoes, the Huff Puff and Whistle Railroad, and the Antique German Carousel. There are no height restrictions for these, and they are okay for kids under 3. A few require the child walk independently to ride though. To find out more about the height restrictions for each attraction, you can click here.

Our picks for the whole family

To enjoy the day with the whole family (including infants), we recommend you go to Cinderella’s Castle via Pumpkin Coach, the Loopy Lab Play Area, take a ride on an Antique Car, explore the  Dig-M-Deeper Play Areas, splash through the Dr. Geyser’s “Mini-Geysers”, try your hand at Rory’s Dino-Dash Racing game, and finally navigate through a working farm on your very own tractor. Who said only kids could enjoy Story Land?

Comfort and safety tips

Set a meeting point in case someone gets lost

Story Land can get crowded with lots of kids and families playing in the park. That’s why it’s always a good idea to set a meeting point with your kids in case they get lost and can’t find you. For smaller children, show them what employees at the park are wearing as you enter so they know who to go to if they ever get lost. Story Land Team Members are well-trained and exceptional at reuniting families!


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Bring comfortable clothing

What do you wear if you want to run around and play the whole day? Comfy clothes! We recommend some light T-shirts and shorts, a good pair of sneakers (because you will be walking all day), and a loose jacket in case it gets cold. You can also pack a pair of comfy pants and a hoodie in case it gets colder. Bringing another pair of socks is also a great idea.


Make it unforgettable

Take pictures and videos

At Story Land, you will create memories with your kids you won’t want to forget. Bring a camera (or use your phone if you don’t have one) to take pictures and videos of your kids laughing and having fun. Don’t forget to follow Story Land on Instagram and TikTok to share your memory-filled day with the park!

Get a souvenir

You can also get souvenirs before leaving the park! This will be a fun memory for the kids and a physical reminder of the day you shared together. You can get anything from costumes to toys in any of the park’s four gift shops you’ll find along the way.

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Can you do Story Land in one day?

Of course! You just need to get there as soon as the gates open, and it helps to think beforehand which attractions are a must for you and your kids.

What are the least busy days at Story Land?

The least busy day to visit Story Land tends to be Sundays. Visiting on Spring and Fall weekends will also give you a chance for lower crowds and more ride time.

What age is good for Story Land NH?

Anyone can enjoy a day at Story Land! However, its main attractions are aimed at kids between the ages of 2 and 12.