The skilled therapists at Crotched Mountain School have created customized communication boards that can be downloaded and printed to support your family's day at the park.


We are happy to offer a Medical Access Pass to meet the needs of guests using wheelchairs and others who are unable to use queue lines. In an effort to make their experience safe and convenient, these passes can be picked up free of charge at Guest Services.


Our Calming Room is designed as a sensory sensitive environment for those who may need a break from the noise and stimulation of a theme park environment. The Calming Room is equipped with bean bags, a soft rug, dimmable lights and air conditioning. It is located at the front of the park behind Humpty Dumpty's wall and all are welcome to use it if needed.


A Quiet Dining Area is located behind Poblano Cantina and is a great place for those who are looking to dine in a more calm space. Although this is the only designated area, there are many places to enjoy a more quiet lunch or snack. Above Sandwich Oasis and behind Humpty Dumpty's wall are both typically less trafficked and tend to be quieter.


Please note that all Men's & Women's restrooms at Story Land have automatic hand dryers. If you wish to avoid them, please use a Family/Unisex restroom. All Family Restrooms are without automatic hand dryers EXCEPT for the location near the Polar Coaster.


If a member of your party has a smoke sensitivity, please note that there are 2 designated smoking areas in the park. One is located in the front of the park behind Miss Muffet's Market before the bridge to Dr. Geyser's, and the other is located in the back of the park next to Crab Crawl. There are select weekends during the season that Story Land goes completely smoke free; check out our events for more information.

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Covid-19: Visit our park safely

Covid-19: Visit our park safely

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