Corporate Theme Park Tickets

Story Land’s Online Corporate Ticket Program is now available!

The program is open to companies with at least 100 employees. Companies new to the program are required to purchase 50 non-refundable tickets initially; ensuing purchases will be done by the employee using an individual online link issued to your company. If at least 50 corporate tickets are redeemed each year, your company will be eligible for renewal in the program without the obligation to pre-buy tickets again. To participate a company representative must contact us (information below) and we must have a corporate contract on file for any organization/company.

This program is no longer available at the gate.
It is only applicable through website purchases. At the admission gate a corporate employee I.D. may be requested from a member of the party to verify compliance with the corporate contract rules. Corporate Affiliate Members must obtain the online purchase link and log in information from their company’s Human Resource Department. We are unable to issue this information directly to employees. For more information please contact your company’s Human Resource Department or Story Land’s Corporate Program Team.

Info Covid
Covid-19: Visit our park safely

Covid-19: Visit our park safely